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With the passage of Tropical Storm Nicole and the resulting infrastructural damage, a large percentage of the island’s labour force have had to remain at home.
As such, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service is reminding public servants that in the circumstances resulting in absenteeism from work during the inclement weather, persons are guided by Circular No. 23, reference number C11500, dated August 29, 2005, and issued by the then Ministry of Finance and Planning.
The circular, titled, “Effect of Hurricanes on Leave Provisions,” to which the JIS was directed, advises Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department that “Absences from work after the passage of hurricanes are to be recorded as leave.”
It further notes, “Exemption from this policy should only be granted where employees are unable to attend work as a result of impassable road conditions, or because they are marooned.” In such a case employees are asked to indicate their situation in writing.
Permanent Secretaries are advised to ensure that there is consistent application of this policy.

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