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Four public sector employees will leave for Colombia tomorrow (August 17), where they will attend a two-week Spanish course for public sector officers of the Caribbean Basin countries.
The course, funded by the Government of Colombia, aims to improve the communication and written skills of some 15 public officers from the Caribbean Basin, and is designed for officers who are certified at a basic-intermediate level in Spanish. The group will end the course with basic advanced level competency.
This course falls under the second phase of the Colombian Co-operation Strategy with the Caribbean Basin, and will be administered by the National University of Colombia.
The 50-hour course, which lasts from August 17 to 27, covers among other things: basic communicative expressions; social and cultural contents of Bogota and Colombia; context of real-life situations, and specific grammatical exercises.
Three employees of the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), who will benefit from the course, tells JIS News that they are pleased at being able to apply what they have learnt at the Venezuelan Institute, in Jamaica, to real life situations. The candidates will have the opportunity to experience the culture, customs, and lifestyle of the Colombian capital, Bogot

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