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Some 375 public sector employees in Portland were presented with certificates of completion on Thursday (Sept. 28), having successfully undertaken courses in a number of skills areas.
The training courses were facilitated under the second Memorandum of Understanding (MoU 2) between government and trade unions representing public sector workers, which has skills training for employees as one of its provisions.
The six-week courses, which were conducted at the College of Agriculture Science and Education (CASE) and the Fair Prospect High School, included computer skills, cake baking and decorating, garment and drapery construction, landscaping, entrepreneurship and food and beverage preparation.
State Minister for National Security, Dr. Donald Rhodd, who gave the main address at the graduation ceremony held at CASE, commended both the government and the trade unions for developing the training plan, which has as its objective, the preparation of the workforce for the needs of a modern labour market.
He pointed out that the training offered was not limited to the job description of the participants, and would equip them to pursue new careers or undertake entrepreneurial endeavours.
Citing the $1billion revolving loan facility recently announced by the Prime Minister, he said that they could access funding to set up micro and small businesses.

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