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Public Sector Workers Encouraged to Participate in Upcoming Financial Literacy Seminar

By: , December 12, 2022
Public Sector Workers Encouraged to Participate in Upcoming Financial Literacy Seminar
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Government employees are being encouraged to participate in the upcoming financial literacy seminar, being hosted by the Transformation Implementation Unit (TIU) in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

The seminar, slated for The Ambassadors at 63 Hagley Park Road in Kingston on December 14, aims to provide participants with sound banking and investment guidance.

Information will be shared on money management, wealth creation, and pitfalls to avoid, among other areas.

Communication Lead at the TIU, Anneke Clarke, said the initiative is timely, given the impending payments under the new public-sector compensation system.

“Financial literacy is paramount… because we are living in trying times and the more literate you are around financial matters is the better you will be able to survive. Take things like budgeting… you do not just spend, you must plan properly,” she underscored.

Representatives of several stakeholder financial partner entities will also attend the forum.

These include First Heritage Cooperative Credit Union, Barita Cornerstone United Holdings Jamaica Limited, VM Group, and the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

“They will be on hand to advance any discussions that persons may want to have with them. We are making the information available to workers, so that they can make informed decisions and choices around their financial affairs,” Ms. Clarke indicated.

A lunch hour concert, headlined by popular singer, Christopher Martin, will follow the morning’s activities.

A maximum of 400 individuals can attend the event in person, while others may join online.

Ms. Clarke advised that arrangements have been made to transport public-sector workers to the venue and back.

National Heroes Circle, New Kingston and Liguanea are the central points for pickups and drop-offs.

Interested persons are invited to register online at the organisation’s social media pages.

Last Updated: December 12, 2022

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