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Acting Director of Audit Operations in the Tax Payer Audit and Assessment Department, Montego Bay, Keeble Downie, has said that although some level of advances have been made in service delivery in Jamaica over the past few years, there is still urgent need to foster effective change in this vital area at the workplace.
“I believe that effective change is necessary, and I support the call made by Public Sector International (PSI) and its affiliates, which support the need for public sector reform or modernisation for the development of quality public service,” Mr. Downie said.
He was delivering the main address at the Jamaica Civil Service Association (Western Region), celebratory luncheon, held at the Coral Cliff Hotel and Entertainment Resort, in Montego Bay, on November 26.
“There have been many reforms in Jamaica and indeed in many other countries over the years. As the modernisation of the public sector continues and as we seek to make the kind of change that will lead to quality public sector service, workers and leaders alike need to understand their own roles in the change process. Though change is usually viewed as a crisis tool, we must begin to change the way we view change – less as a crisis and more as a process – where there is continuous improvement,” Mr. Downie said.
He argued that some of the greatest minds are now present in the public service, hence persons should be more assertive and innovative in fostering continuous improvement in their areas of work.
“We must not wait every 10 years for a reform, neither must we wait for some international agency to come and tell us that we need to reform. We must not only be the agents of change, we must also be the architects of change. Too often we blame government for not doing, but leaders must lead and do so by being proactive, innovative and assertive,” Mr. Downie said.
“As much as we appreciate outside influences in the change process, meaningful reform or transformation can take place and should come from our own people – those supervisors and frontline managers in the organisation. Supervisors are the ones who are really in touch with their employees, they are the ones who face and solve the day to day problems and are really in touch with our customers and they must be included in the change process. Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or to the present, are certain to miss the future,” he added.

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