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The winners in the 2013 Public Sector Customer Service Competition will be announced at an awards ceremony scheduled for next Thursday, July 11, at the Terra Nova Hotel in St. Andrew.

At the event, prizes and trophies will be presented to the public sector entities that are offering the best service as well as the public sector officer, who is delivering the most outstanding customer service.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, will deliver the keynote address at the awards ceremony, while Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Douglas Saunders and other senior public sector officials, will bring remarks.

This is the sixth staging of the competition and awards ceremony, organised by the Cabinet Office, through the Public Sector Modernization Division (PSMD). It seeks to recognise the efforts of those entities and individuals, who are actively developing and implementing customer-oriented strategies and initiatives, which allow for improved business relations between government and citizens.

Over the past six months, members of the public have been casting their votes for the public sector entities that they believe offer the best service.

Persons were also asked to vote for a public sector officer, who delivered the most outstanding customer service; the Most Improved Customer Service Entity; Best Joined-Up Service; Best Modernised Entity; and Best post office, tax office, police station, hospital, health centre, National Insurance Scheme (NIS) office, and parish council.

Communication Consultant at the PSMD, Cabinet Office, Fabian Brown, said the purpose of the ceremony is to recognise and acknowledge those entities and individuals that have really been “espousing quality customer service over the years.”

“The Public Sector Customer Service Division of the Cabinet Office will use this opportunity to highlight and indicate that this is the standard by which the public sector really ought to be known,” he said.

He informed that representatives of the various public sector entities will be in attendance as well as several members of the public, who voted, and had indicated their interest in attending the awards ceremony.

Contact: E. Hartman Reckord

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