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Minister of Health, Hon. Ruddy Spencer, says the government is working hard to ensure that no patient in need of renal treatment will have to travel more than half an hour to receive dialysis treatment.
“We have put in place, 17 new dialysis machines at the Kingston Public Hospital and last week we opened the (private) Hope Dialysis with 14 new centres. Nobody should have to travel more than 30-35 minutes to access dialysis services; and so we are going to every one of our health facilities to ensure that they offer dialysis treatment. Today, more Jamaicans are getting dialysis three times a week and they are in comfortable surroundings,” he said.
The Minister noted that on September 23, the government began the training of 100 health care workers as pharmacy and dialysis technicians in order to improve service delivery to the public. The training is being done at the Lionel Town Hospital.
Mr. Spencer was speaking at the Prime Minister’s Town Hall meeting in May Pen, Clarendon, on September 23.

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