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The Interim Report by the Public Defender on the incursion of the security forces into Tivoli Gardens and related matters has been delayed for over five months and is still not completed.

After repeated missed deadlines for its tabling in Parliament, the Parliamentary Commission headed by the Speaker, the Hon. Michael Peart, met with the Public Defender, Mr. Earl Witter, on January 22, 2013. Based on the information provided by the Public Defender on the status of the report, the completion date could not be determined.

The Commission has decided to provide the Office of the Public Defender with additional resources to assist with the speedy completion of the report. A team from the Houses of Parliament headed by the Clerk to the Houses will be closely monitoring the progress to ensure that the report is completed in the shortest possible time.

The Commission has further decided that issues relating to the organization of the Office of the Public Defender will be thoroughly investigated as soon as the Interim Report is completed.