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President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica PSOJ), Christopher Zacca, has commended the Government for the manner in which it was able to achieve the new Heads of Agreement with public sector workers.

“I want to commend the Government’s negotiating team for the way you have carried out this negotiation, outside of the public ear and in a way that is respectful and with humility towards the unions,” Mr. Zacca said.

He congratulated the union leaders for their approach and thanked the public sector workers on behalf of the private sector for “once again stepping up to the table as members of Team Jamaica”.

Mr. Zacca was addressing the Signing of the Heads of Agreement for the 2012-2015 contract period between the Government of Jamaica and Public Sector Unions/ Associations.

Under the agreement, the unions have agreed to change their negotiating cycle from two to three years, along with wage restraint from 2012 to 2015.

The PSOJ head reiterated a commitment made to Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, that the private sector “will find ways to work with public sector employees to ease the pain”, that has been caused by their financial sacrifice.

He also noted that the interest of business leaders, the unions and workers are aligned in “the joint goal of building a platform for economic growth and development with equity in the country”, and vowed never to see Jamaica return to its current plight.

While noting the high debt burden, which necessitated the need for such an agreement to be signed, Mr. Zacca said, “this is a time to come together as Team Jamaica with Government, opposition, union leaders, private sector, civil society, as one team, that is going to take us out of where we are and into a bright future”.

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