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Principal of Old Harbour High School, Mr. Lynton Weir, urged students to protect the good name of the school. He made the call during the 40th anniversary Church service of the school, at the Word of Life Worship Centre in Rhoden’s Pen, St. Catherine, yesterday (October 25).
“Parents and other stakeholders, hold true to your cause. We need you, we love you and we need you to continue working with us and praying for us. Members of the school community, you know the ideals of the school community and you have been doing well so far, continue to do us proud. Now to the students, all this is really about you, without you there is no us, and without us, there is no you. I beg you, let this education partnership work. Defend the cloth and colours you wear with pride,” he said.
“Students, for God’s sake, my sake, your teachers’ and parents’ sake, do us and yourselves proud. To every single person who has contributed to the growth of this institution, in whatever way, including taxi drivers, God bless you and thank you for choosing this institution above all others to partner as we try to mould the lives of our young people though education,” the Principal added.
Mr. Weir outlined the many recent achievements of the school with its upgraded science facilities, qualifications of teaching staff and the recognition won by students in national competitions.
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, his brothers and their families attended the anniversary service in honour of the family matriarch, Mrs. Enid Golding, who served as the school’s first principal for 11 years. The Prime Minister’s father, also an educator, was the Member of Parliament who oversaw the establishment of the school in 1960.
Noting that his family will always support the school as the institution continues to produce graduates of whom the nation can be proud, the Prime Minister also paid tribute to the school community.
“Today we want to congratulate all those who have contributed to this success; present members, and we remember those members of staff who have served over these forty years, the parents who have made the school a part of their own commitment and responsibility and the students who have helped to build the tradition and strengthen the reputation of the school,” he said.
Mr. Golding recalled that the school started as a Junior Secondary High School which had gone through a series of upgrading to become a recognised High School with a Sixth Form programme. The school is among the best performers.
Prime Minister Golding said that the school had done very well despite the odds against student achievement.
“So much of the efforts of the school have to be devoted to retro-fitting these young people, preparing their minds for the lessons that you want to impart to them, trying to prepare them to be ready for the life of adulthood and all that that takes, you have to be wrestling with the indiscipline and lack of self esteem, the deviant behaviour that is so prevalent throughout our society..It is after you have done that we can now begin to develop the minds that will be the scientists and lawyers of tomorrow, and so far you have done a good job,” Mr. Golding said.
In her address, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ms. Mary Nichols, said that the school community must make the effort and document their history for future generations to be inspired.

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