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Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles, has said that prospects are “extremely encouraging” for the various overseas employment programmes for the 2010/11 financial year.
“Already, we are witnessing an increase in the number of employment opportunities under the United States (US) Hospitality Programme. Many of the traditional employers are now experiencing an upturn in economic activities and are recalling workers, who were not recalled for the last two seasons,” Mr. Charles said during the 2010/11 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on October 12.
He informed that the US Farm Work programme is also showing signs of growth as new employers are participating in the programme. “Two months ago, a new employer in California engaged 300 workers in the citrus industry – an area which we have been trying to exploit for some time now,” he said.
In Canada, he said, there are strong indications of a rebirth in the tobacco industry, adding that more than 160 workers were recalled to several tobacco farms and are being processed for dispatch.
“New employers are also coming on stream in the seafood industry in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Workers are already being dispatched to growers of strawberries and other fruits in provinces such as Nova Scotia and Ontario,” he said.
The Labour Minister also pointed to increased opportunities in non-traditional areas as the Ministry realises the “fruits of partnerships” with several training institutions in Canada. He informed that securing employment in Canada depends on the successful completion of courses to gain certification.
“In June 2009, 18 Jamaicans left for Red River College in Manitoba where they completed training and were awarded Red Seal Certification as chefs. These workers are all currently employed in Canada. In January, 14 heavy duty mechanics were dispatched to the College of North Atlantic in Newfoundland and 13 auto service technicians were sent to Red River College. These trainees have completed training in their respective disciplines, obtained their Red Seal Certification and are employed in Canada,” he said.
Mr. Charles said that despite the difficult international economic environment, the Ministry was able to place more than 10,000 Jamaican workers in employment opportunities in the US and Canada last year.
He informed that 5,862 workers participated in the Canadian programme during the last financial year, compared with 6,053 in the previous period.

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