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His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Councillor Delroy Williams, says a proposal to relocate the bus terminus at Parade, downtown Kingston, is part of plans to facilitate the establishment of a recreational area.

Speaking with JIS News, Mayor Williams informed that the beautification of the area, which will be undertaken as part of the redevelopment of downtown Kingston, will complement the numerous historical buildings in the area.

“It will add value to the tourism product… and will also increase commerce and add value to the rich history in the space,” he said.

Some of the historical buildings downtown include Ward Theatre, Simón Bolίvar Cultural Centre, Coke Memorial Methodist Church, Kingston Parish Church, and the Saint William Grant Park. Other areas include Liberty Hall and the Houses of Parliament.

Mayor Williams told JIS News that possible areas for the relocation of the bus terminus include the Darling Street and Pechon Street bus termini.

He said the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation is now seeking funding for the project.

“I believe we can make that into one very good transport centre and make the parade a space for pedestrians,” Mayor Williams shared.

He is also encouraging the Ministries of Transport and Mining, and Tourism, “and all the agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the church to come on board and push the idea of removing the buses from the space”.

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