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As of today (December 1), persons applying to the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC), to mount display boards promoting events, will be required to pay a cess of $50,000.
His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Desmond McKenzie, explained that this cess would “put us in a better position when we have to clean up after persons who advertise.”
The Mayor was speaking at the KSAC’s long service awards ceremony, held on November 30, at the Courtleigh Auditorium, in New Kingston.
“We have been getting a lot of complaints from persons saying that the fee that we have attached is too much. It is not too much when you consider what it is costing the Council at this time to clean up after promoters and other persons have gone out there and defaced the streets of the Corporate Area,” the Mayor said.
He further added that the KSAC would not renege on its decision to charge a cess on promoters. “While we can extend some courtesies where it is necessary, we have to send a strong message to the people of the Corporate Area. You can’t speak about the condition of your roads and the condition of your drains, but then you don’t expect that we must do the things that are necessary to give you the service that you require from us,” Councillor McKenzie said.
The Mayor pointed out that it was costing the Council “an arm and a leg” to clean up after promoters have defaced the city.
“I am saying to persons holding events during the Christmas season, we are not giving an inch as it relates to compliance in the Corporate Area. We are not stopping you from having any event; what we are saying is that you must comply, you must come in and do what is necessary, so that at least you put us in a position to clean up after you,” he stressed.
Mayor McKenzie congratulated the over 50 workers within local government, who were awarded for their years of service to the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the KSAC and the Golden Age Home.

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