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A $10 million project is now underway in the Kellits community in Clarendon, to upgrade the water supply system, which will also benefit nearby districts such as Crofts Hill, Pate, Shooter, Rhoden Hall, Corner and Croft Gate.
Charles Buchanan, Corporate Public Relations Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC), told JIS News that the project would result in greater volumes of water being extracted and improved water quality.
“We are now taking water from the Pindar’s River, a tributary of the Rio Minho River, and whenever it rains the water is filled with debris and other things, so primarily what we are doing is installing a treatment facility, which will ensure improved water quality,” he explained.
Mr. Buchanan pointed out that the main works included the construction of a base and installation of filter plants, construction of a building to house the plant, and the rehabilitation of a steel tank in the Shooter community.
He noted that the project started in October 2004 and is expected to be completed by mid June this year.
Mr. Buchanan told JIS News that this project was part of an overall programme to improve water supply systems across the island, and is being assisted with funding of $100 million by the DIAGEO Foundation, the parent company of Red Stripe.
He pointed out that priority has been given to communities most affected by Hurricane Ivan last September.
“Without Red Stripe’s contribution, the National Water Commission would not have been able to undertake these projects at this time and so we’re deeply appreciative of their generous contribution to the recovery effort after the Hurricane,” he said.
Other projects are being undertaken in Venture River and Brighton in Westmoreland; Lacovia to Slipe in St. Elizabeth; Sherwood in Trelawny; Dumphries Crescent, Spring Piece, Grosette, Unity Hall, Curtis Bottom to Land Top, Spring Garden/Heritage, Beehive Lane, Charles Scheme, and Golden Grove (Barracks) in St Thomas; and the Woodlands/Blackgate area in Hanover.The projects are well underway and are expected to be completed by September 2005.

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