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The St. Ann Parish Council in collaboration with residents of the parish, has implemented a pilot project to improve the capital town of St. Ann’s Bay.
The project, which is being carried out under the theme: ‘Service is our business; Performance is key’, involves the re-painting of ‘No Parking’ areas, and the installation of educational and directional signs throughout the town.
In an interview, Ian Boyd-Brown, Commercial Services Manager for the Council, told JIS News that the objectives of the project were, to ensure smooth traffic flow through the town; ensure full utilization of the transport centre; and to increase awareness of such improvements and garner public support and cooperation in ensuring that the objectives were achieved.
Mr. Boyd-Brown said the council requested that in an effort to support the cause, residents would commit themselves to the pledge, “Together we can achieve; Let us work together to ensure that we have the best managed town in the country, and let it begin with me”.
For further information, persons may call 972-2615 or 794-9331-2; fax pledges to 972-2617, or mail them to: St. Ann Parish Council, St. Ann’s Bay P.O., St. Ann.

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