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Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, said the ongoing Fisheries Licensing and Registration System Project will improve the efficiency of service delivery in the sector.

The project, which is being facilitated by the Transformation Implementation Unit, (TIU) will strengthen the work of the newly established National Fisheries Authority (NFA).

Minister Green, who was speaking in a recent JIS ‘Get the Facts’ interview session, said the project is part of overall efforts to enhance the fisheries sector. Stakeholder satisfaction is at the heart of modernisation and improvement efforts.

“That means looking at our processes to see how we can serve our stakeholders better. This is part of what we are doing here with our new licensing and registration system. As it is now, our fishers have to reach out to the National Fisheries Authority to ensure they are licensed, and not only do they have to be registered they have to [go through] an annual licensing process,” he said.

Each year, from all over Jamaica, a number of fishers journey to Kingston or to their respective parish offices to get that licensing process complete.

Minister Green said the Government wants to make it easier.

“We’ve been working very closely with our transformation unit across the Ministry of Finance, our fishers and our partners to bring to forge a modern efficient technologically driven licensing and regulation system. This system will be web-based and will ensure that our fishers can use their mobile electronic devices, and anywhere in Jamaica where they are they can apply to be registered, licensed, and they can access the services of the NFA,” he said.

The National Fisheries Authority is responsible for the conservation and sustainable utilisation of the Jamaica fisheries resources in a manner that ensures optimum social and economic benefits to Jamaica.

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