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Chief Executive Officer of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), Sandra Glasgow, has appealed for members of the PSOJ to make contributions to the National Hurricane Clean-Up Project scheduled for September 29 and 30.
“The PSOJ has reached out to its members asking them to support the project through a number of ways. We have asked our members to contribute in any way that they can and specifically, we have asked them to donate services and goods, for example, garbage bags, and items of food and drink.funds, loan of heavy equipment such as trucks and shredders and operators for that equipment and .to assign their staff and concentrate on the areas in the vicinity of their businesses,” she explained.
Speaking with JIS News, Mrs. Glasgow said that she is very pleased to be associated with the clean-up campaign and has received positive responses to the requests for assistance. “We have had donations from a group of petroleum marketing companies providing fuel.some donations of cash and some goods,” she noted. Pledges are also being lodged with the Secretariat daily.
She pointed out that the project is of great importance, and “we feel that it’s important for the nation to come together to address the issues that have lingered since the passage of Hurricane Dean”.
She pledged her organisation’s support and contribution in making the project a great success. “This National Hurricane Clean-Up Project will concentrate the efforts of all of us to make sure our environs are clean because without clean environs, we are not likely to attract customers, people will be turned off.all of us want to demonstrate that we have great civic pride,” she reasoned.
She also encouraged all Jamaicans to contribute in any way that they can.
Persons, who are interested in making contributions may call the PSOJ at 927-6238 or visit the office at 39 Hope Road in Kingston. Contributions may also be made through the Office of the Prime Minister.

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