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Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding has announced an arrangement between Government and a number of private pharmacies to provide free prescriptions to the public. This move, he says, will make filling prescriptions easier for patients and reduce the load on public dispensaries.
Addressing his sixth Town Hall Meeting in Annotto Bay, St. Mary, on Wednesday (September 09) he said, “One of the big problems at the hospital is at the pharmacy. We have a big congestion there because we are short of pharmacists but we have been able to develop a programme that will have some special pharmacies providing the drugs and you still won’t have to pay for it. The same way you would have gotten it free at the hospital, you will be able to go to these private pharmacies that we will announce and be able to get the drug free,” explained Mr. Golding.
Mr. Golding explained that to benefit from the system patients will need to be registered.
“You’re going to have a special health card that has some information on you embedded in the card. We started that registration process last week and I’m encouraging everyone to register. The health card and the registration process will also be free. “

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