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Principal of the Lyssons Primary School, St. Thomas, Ena Barclay, has lauded the $33.6 million contribution from the Digicel Foundation to the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) Enrichment Centre Project.
“This is a wonderful occasion, and I am indeed very happy to be a participant on the receiving end, and to say thanks to all who have made it possible,” she said.
“It is important for schools to produce both literate and numerate students, persons who will later be able to contribute to a productive workforce. Improving literacy is therefore a key development indicator,” she said as she addressed the official handing over ceremony at the Alhambra Inn, in Kingston, on Wednesday (February 18).
Lyssons Primary will house one of the two enrichment centres.
Mrs. Barclay also stressed the importance of corporate support, as she emphasised that everyone involved in education wanted to know that the sector performs.
“Efforts by the Ministry, in these areas, are crucial but with increased partnership, with members of the private sector, much more can and will be achieved,” she said.
Special Education Coordinator of the Education Transformation Team (ETT), Dr. Michelle Meredith-Dobbs, said that the enrichment project has multiple options geared toward different students.
“The options for the enrichment programme include three stations: the resource room station, which will cater to students who need in depth information, as well as those who need accelerated intervention; those students who have mild deficits will be served at the literacy station; and those students with difficulties in numeracy will be served at the math station,” she explained.
She added that the Ministry is concerned about the grade four literacy test competency levels, and that the intervention will address the needs of those students who are in second and third grades.
Under the Enrichment Centre Project, there are two enrichment centres and 10 enrichment rooms. The centres are located at Lyssons Primary School in St. Thomas and Victoria Town All Age in Manchester.
In Region 1, the Enrichment Rooms are at Melrose Primary and Junior High and Franklin Town Primary in Kingston; Region 2, Drapers Primary and Junior High in Portland; Region 3, Moneague Primary and Junior High and St. Ann’s Bay Primary in St. Ann; Region 4, New Hope Primary and Junior High in Westmoreland and Cave Valley Primary and Junior High in Manchester; Region 5, Balaclava Primary in St. Elizabeth; and in Region 6, Spanish Town and Waterford Primary in St. Catherine.
The two enrichment centres will serve a cluster of schools, while the 10 enrichment rooms will serve the population in that particular school.