JIS News

Prime Minister P.J Patterson and a technical team is expected to meet with Mayor of Portmore, George Lee and his delegation from the Portmore Municipal Council to iron out several concerns raised by residents, and arrive at mutually acceptable solutions.
Mayor Lee said the meeting, the date which is to be set, will discuss several issues raised at a private members meeting of the Council. The broad areas to be addressed include creating a new or improved access way from Mandela Drive, improving access to Marcus Garvey Drive, disaster evacuation plans, and negotiations for a toll for residents of the community.
On the issue of the Mandela Highway, Mayor Lee pointed out that the group would be seeking to have the Highway upgraded especially in light of recent flooding, which made it unsuitable as an appropriate alternative route.
“Another recommendation would be to improve the road just below the entrance by Mandela into Portmore that is sometimes used by motorists, allowing one-way exit by Caymanas and one-way entry by the new road,” he said.
With respect to Marcus Garvey Drive the recommendation is for significant improvement to be carried out to that roadway and not to wait until the completion of the toll road, but instead, work on that roadway in tandem with the completion of the highway.
Another recommendation that is to be submitted is the upgrading of the Dyke Road if it is to be used as an exit point from the highway.
The question of disaster and the adoption of emergency measures where the highway becomes an emergency six-lane exit point out of Portmore is also to be discussed. “The moment a disaster comes all six lanes of the highway should be opened as an exit out of Portmore for the rapid movement of vehicular traffic,” the Mayor said. He noted that there was also the need for an agreement on the cost of the toll to residents. On the proposed toll of $30, Mayor Lee said no agreement on what the toll would be had been arrived at to date. He stressed the need for a united front among the residents of Portmore as the Council strived to achieve its objectives.