JIS News

The Energy Conservation and Efficiency Exhibition staged by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) culminated on October 27 with the official visit of Prime Minister P.J. Patterson.
The Prime Minister lauded the PCJ on its tremendous efforts of educating the nation on energy use and conservation and emphasized that “we in Jamaica are obliged to accelerate our programmes for energy conservation through a process of enlightenment and education.”
The PCJ’s theme for Energy Conservation Month was ‘Use Less, Pay Less’, and this the Prime Minister stated was indicative of the approach consumers had to take in conserving energy, “since most of our utilities are dependent on sources of energy.”
He further elaborated that one simple change that consumers could make was to move away from the use of incandescent bulbs and use fluorescent lighting instead. This, the Prime Minister said would “contribute immensely to our savings.”
Mr. Patterson also emphasized that a primary way of conserving was to diversify sources of energy as “we simply cannot afford to continue to consume energy at the present level that we now do.”