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  • The hub is the next stage in the expansion of Jamaica’s infrastructure
  • China can share in Jamaica’s efforts and prosper from the global logistics hub initiative
  • Jamaican government welcomes long term investments

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, on Friday (August 23), outlined the mutual benefits which Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China can derive from the Global Logistics Hub Initiative.

Addressing a business seminar and matchmaking meeting for Jamaican and Chinese entrepreneurs in Beijing, Mrs. Minister Simpson Miller said the hub’s development represents the next stage in the expansion of Jamaica’s airport, seaport, and industrial infrastructure.

The undertaking, she noted, would, among other things, facilitate smooth movement into and through the island for the estimated 800 million-person market spanning North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, while assuring that Jamaica is in “implementation mode” to undertake the development.

“China can share in Jamaica’s efforts and prosper from the global logistics hub initiative by deploying Chinese technology and ingenuity to produce world class goods and services in Jamaica. You have the opportunity to be in partnership with us, using the combined skills and cultural talents of the Jamaican workforce in special economic zones and commercial parks to be developed in Jamaica,” she said.

The Prime Minister also informed of investment opportunities in tourism; agriculture, particularly agro parks development aimed at boosting food production for the domestic and international markets; fresh water fish production for export; and telecommunications, among others areas.

“Now is the time to expand into new markets; establish your manufacturing and distribution bases in Jamaica. So if you want to invest in Jamaica, I would encourage you to do so at this time. I do not believe that there is a better place anywhere (for) investing (now, than) Jamaica,” she emphasized.

Mrs. Simpson Miller said the Jamaican government welcomes long term investments that will not only provide attractive returns for investors, but also yield significant and sustainable benefits for Jamaica, adding that “our mission here is to continue to build that strong bridge between Jamaica and China.”

Meanwhile, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) President, Francis Kennedy, is optimistic about the likely positive outcomes for the country which the forum and trip to China by the government and private sector delegations will provide. He informed that representatives from approximately 47 business entities have already indicated interests they would like to pursue in Jamaica.

In this regard, Mr. Kennedy advised that a delegation of 20 representatives from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) is slated visit the island in September.

The JCC President said a list of the stakeholders with whom connections have been established, will be submitted to Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) and the Chinese Embassy in Jamaica. This document, he advised, will serve to inform and guide the organization’s preparations for meetings with the CCPIT delegation.

“So the enthusiasm to have business relationships with Jamaica, both import and export, was enormous. I am very positive as to where the future can be,” Mr. Kennedy said.

Friday’s business networking forum was organized by the CCPIT and Embassy of Jamaica in China.

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