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Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller says the Government will be carefully monitoring and evaluating its performance to ensure project targets are met and to this end a special committee headed by Minister Omar Davies has been set up to monitor project performance.

The Prime Minister made the announcement at the fifth Social Development Commission Parish Forum in St. Mary at the St. Mary High School on Thursday, February 21.

“In negotiating the IMF Agreement, we have chosen the least onerous of options. Failure to take these tough decisions will deprive us, among other things, of access to financial resources from international financial institutions to keep our economy going in areas such as education, health, security and support for our farmers and protection of the most vulnerable. Everyone in the country has to share the burden to varying degrees and that includes the Government,” Mrs. Simpson Miller said.

Regarding concerns about the National Housing Trust’s (NHT) contribution of $11 billion per annum to the Government’s fiscal consolidation efforts over the next four years, the Prime Minister reiterated that this will not negatively affect the agency’s capacity to maintain its programme of housing and affordable mortgage provision.

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In a wide-ranging address, the Prime Minister also gave an update of several development projects being undertaken by Government in St. Mary.

These include theconstruction of a new market in Port Maria at a cost of $30 million dollars; development of the Broadgate, Agualta Vale and Mason River Water Supply Systems; rehabilitation of community centres in Charles Town, Mango Valley and Three Hill; work on the Fort George, Enfield, Junction and Richmond to Kendal roads, as well as repairs done to the Annotto Bay Hospital and the Brainard Health Centre.

Land preparation work is also being done at Eden Park in conjunction with Food for the Poor for the construction of houses to relocate persons who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Noting the capacity of the Jamaican people to overcome challenges, the Prime Minister called on everyone to work together for the growth and development of the country.

“This project called Jamaica was bigger than all of us; bigger than the JLP and the PNP and was a project that cannot be allowed to fail as it is intertwined with the life chances, the dreams, the hopes and aspirations of every man, woman and child in this country,” the Prime Minister said.

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