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Prime Minister Bruce Golding has said the level of crime is too high and reducing it remains a top priority for the government for the New Year.
Addressing the nation in his New Year’s message, the Prime Minister said Cabinet has already issued drafting instructions for tough anti-gang legislation which will be enacted for 2011.
“The majority of violent crimes are linked to the activities of organized criminal gangs for which special targeted measures are required. Just as countries throughout the world found it necessary after 9/11 to institute special measures to deal with international terrorists, we too need special measures to deal with organized criminal gangs whose viciousness is just as costly in human lives.”
Prime Minister Golding said the crime-fighting initiatives introduced in May yielded good results as the murder rate for the second half of the year fell by 30 percent when compared to the first half. He added that the security forces must be applauded for their hard work.
Mr. Golding said there has been a greater level of cooperation from the public in providing information to the Police and in their willingness to testify.
“This cooperation is vital if we are to ensure that violent criminals are taken off the streets and kept off the streets,” he added.

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