JIS News

Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the European Partnership Agreement which Jamaica is expected to sign come October 15, will provide a tremendous opportunity for US businesses to get into the European markets through Jamaica and to benefit from the duty free, quota free access offered under the agreement.
Mr. Golding told representatives of the Jamaica American Chamber of Commerce and the Committee for a Better Jamaica, that he has instructed the Ministry of Commerce, to step up its promotion of the agreement and to invite investors to look to Jamaica as the place to set up their businesses. He was addressing a meeting of business representatives at the West Club in Manhattan, New York, yesterday (Sept 22),
Mr. Golding said that through Jamaica’s performance in the recently concluded Beijing Olympic Games, Jamaica had become a powerful brand and that it offered tremendous marketing potential which could be achieved through partnership with the island.
‘I am not a part of the league that holds on to the past. We have to jump in, get involved and position ourselves so that we can compete’, Mr. Golding said. He said so much of what Jamaica hoped to achieve to provide a better quality of life for its people will have to be done in partnership with investors from places like the US. He called on the group to partner with the island by setting up their factories and businesses in Jamaica, to help create greater employment while at the same time reducing the costs of their operations through the duty free/quota free access to the European market of 450-million people.
Mr. Golding is in New York attending a number of high level meetings and will on Friday (Sept 26) be addressing the 63rd United Nations General Assembly. He will also be meeting with representatives of the World Bank and the IDB in Washington as well as meeting with a number of other Jamaican groups. Mr. Golding’s first day in New York yesterday saw him meeting and addressing top Caribbean news agencies representatives as well as members of staff of the Jamaican Consulate. He will also be meeting with other Jamaican groups at various town halls both in New York and Washington.
Mr. Golding and other government representatives will return to the island on October 2.