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Prime Minister Bruce Golding says his government plans to sit down with organizations such as CHASE Fund, the Sports Development Foundation, the various sporting schools associations and the Social Development Commission, to see how more resources can be invested in nurturing new talents in the area of sports.
He noted that some work has gone into developing the wealth of talent which abounds throughout Jamaica in this field, but so much more could be done to bring more talent into focus so that Jamaica could celebrate the successes of more Courtney Walshs, Veronica Campbells, Asafas and Deon Hemmings. The Prime Minister said that Jamaica has dominated sports in many fields, far in excess of the country’s size but he noted that more could be done to bring out the wealth of talent which still remains unexplored.
Mr. Golding was speaking last night (Oct 17) at the third annual ‘Courtney Walsh award for Excellence at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston at which Jamaica’s netball champion, Elaine Davis, was awarded the 2007 ‘Courtney Walsh award for Excellence’.
The Prime Minister said that the programme, which celebrates the high achievements of our sportsmen and women and which was initiated by former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, was welcomed and would receive the full support of this government. He heaped praises on world class cricketer, Ambassador Courtney Walsh, whom he said the world would always remember because of his commitment to excellence in the way he conducted himself on the cricket field and the dignity and tremendous example he has been to young people. Mr. Golding expressed the hope that Ambassador Walsh’s performance on the field would one day become the subject of academic study and analysis.
The Prime Minister noted that much attention is given to Jamaica’s outstanding sportsmen and women at the national level but that there was a lot more talent waiting to be exposed, trained and developed. He said if the resources were put into nurturing and mentally preparing talented youngsters, Jamaica would be able to celebrate more and to bring more talent into focus.
Mr. Golding expressed the government appreciation to CHASE Fund for supporting and recognising excellence and for encouraging youngsters to work hard. Five of Jamaica’s young sports achievers were short listed for the ‘Courtney Walsh’ award including Ricardo Gardner, (footballer), Marlon McIntyre, (water polo) Sherone Simpson, (Track and field) and Elaine Davis (netball). Elaine Davis topped the field and her prizes were presented by Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

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