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Refurbishing work on a building situated next to the site of the tissue culture ginger project in Top Alston, Clarendon, one of the four projects selected by the National Labour Day Planning Committee for special focus, is almost complete.
Speaking at a JIS ‘Think Tank’ today (May 20), Chairman of the National Labour Day Planning Committee, Dorothea Clarke, said that work on the building, which started last week, was undertaken by a technical team from the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)
“To some extent, it is complete. It is just left for the finishing and painting of the outside of the two-bedroom house,” she said, adding that the structure will be used to accommodate the person overseeing the ginger project.
Mrs. Clarke also praised the work done by the JDF team. “They have really done a tremendous job,” she said.
Refurbishing work on the building involved the renovation of the kitchen and bathroom, replacement of the roof and renewal of the walkway to the building.
Mrs. Clarke said that work on the multi-purpose court in Riversdale, St Catherine, another Labour Day project selected for national focus, will continue after Labour Day. She said that the building on the site, formerly an old market, will be renovated.
“This project will continue in the second phase, because what they want to do is to turn that building into a community centre. So, there will be a ground-breaking on Labour Day, but that project will continue,” she said.
Mrs. Clarke said that even though the National Labour Day Secretariat has allocated some $500,000 to each of the four projects, the money was “just a drop in the bucket,” compared to what was needed to complete them.
“We have always been able to exist based on the generosity of the private sector, so we are hoping that the private sector will step in and assist in the completion of these projects,” she said.
Other projects being focussed on are: the sprucing up of the St Ann’s Bay Hospital, St Ann; and the resuscitation of the Blue Mahoe Nature Park, Mountpelier, St James.
Labour Day is being observed on Monday, May 25 this year, under the theme, “Ketch the Vibes: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification, Empowerment, Empowerment for Success.”

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