Poverty Reduction Programme Targets Volatile Communities

The Poverty Reduction – Capacity Building and Training for Communities programme, which is being executed by the Ministry of National Security, will be spending $62.5 million on phase two works in 2010/11.
The funds will be spent on the implementation of capacity building projects, which are geared to youth development, parenting education and community violence prevention. These include vocational skills training, scholarships for the youth, employment programmes, psychological assessment and treatment programmes and conferences on community parenting.
Funded by the European Union (EU) and the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), the programme aims to alleviate poverty through sustainable growth, with emphasis on the promotion of community safety and reduction of criminal behaviour in volatile and vulnerable communities.
The programme has already provided 47scholarships to tertiary institutions, 13 members of parent support groups were enrolled in four-month courses in the principles and practices of social work and applications for 30 awardees are currently being evaluated for enrolment in the Employment Internship Programme.

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