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Dr. Blossom O’Meally-Nelson, Postmaster General and Head of the Postal Corporation of Jamaica (PostCorp), has said that the island’s mail sorting and delivery systems were being restructured in order to improve efficiency.
The programme has been operating as a pilot in the corporate area and Spanish Town over the last three months and Dr. O’Meally-Nelson said there have been “measurable successes” so far.
“I know that we now have a handle on it. We have had a lot of problems in the past because we did not engage in the proper measurement and setting of standards but now that we have been able to do our operations review and put in our benchmarks, in terms of the amount of mail sorted in any given period and have trained people, there has been some improvement,” she stated.
Dr. O’Meally-Nelson was participating in an outside broadcast on RJR’s Programme, ‘Hotline’ to mark World Post Day on Thursday, October 9 at the Half-Way-Tree post office in Kingston.
Under the new measure, postmen are required to report on the number of letters delivered every day and supervisors have to compile reports of deliveries made each day. “The postmasters for each post office now has to give a daily report and this is absolutely new and has never been done before,” the Postmaster General stated. In addition, the Corporation had introduced an “end-to-end” measurement process, to correct any kinks in the mail sorting system. “We had problems at the Central Sorting Office (CSO) and we have now revamped our whole shift system, our supervising system, and we are getting the mails out of the CSO and tracking them into the post offices,” she informed.
There has also been improvement in customer service, with personnel hired and trained and a hotline put in place to hear complaints. “We have made all sorts of attempts with customer service questionnaires. and we are seeking to do independent surveys”, Dr. O’Meally-Nelson informed, adding that, “we have done the geographical spread of the complaints and we have analyzed the types of complaints.”
On the future of the Corporation, she said, “we will not be looking to build post offices,” but to offer the service in areas where it is demanded. For example, she mentioned that postal services were now being offered at public libraries, police stations and community centres. “So with this new concept.you put it (post office) where the need is and where the demand intake is,” she pointed out.
As part of its business development strategy, the Postmaster General said that the Corporation was looking at strengthening existing partnerships and creating new ones.
Partnerships have already been forged with MoneyGram, Lotto, Paymaster with the bill payment facility available at 16 post offices across the island, and Cool Card, which is in 12 post offices. The latest partner is the City of Kingston Credit Union for the provision of financial services across post office counters.
World Post Day is commemorated worldwide on October 9. It is organised by the 129-year old Universal Postal Union, which is the oldest organization in the world.

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