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The Post and Telecoms Department, during this fiscal year, will focus on training and development to sustain high performance in all it operational areas.
According to Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives recently by Minister of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce, Phillip Paulwell, the department will achieve this target by carrying out continuous needs assessment to identify staff development gaps; conducting training programmes, evaluations, reviews and customer service surveys; and continue to partner with the Management Institute for National Development, the HEART Trust NTA and other external agencies, to design and deliver training programmes for all staff categories.
As part of this main focus, the department will also establish links and facilitate staff enrollment in the high school equivalency programme; upgrade the training facility to allow for the staging of educational exhibitions; establish a library facility/learning laboratory complete with Management Information System access; and establish mechanisms for certification and accreditation of a postal training school.
According to the Ministry Paper, focus will also be placed on improving service delivery by continuing to provide postmen with motorcycles to support the ZIP courier service; upgrading of the airmail and parcel post operations through the introduction of a tracking system; and the direct delivery of parcels.
In addition, sorting and delivery processes will be upgraded to ensure greater productivity; a price competitive courier service will be mobilized; and the automation of postal counters will be completed.
A new regulatory framework will also be introduced for the postal and courier sectors to protect customers and ensure that standards of safety and security are met.
Also, the postal museum in Falmouth, Trelawny is to be refurbished and further rationalization of post offices and introduction of post shops carried out.In the meantime, the department is in the planning stage for the next phase of the Quality of Service Fund Project, which will commence by the end of the financial year. The department also hopes to achieve revenue of $953 million for the fiscal year.

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