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Corporate Jamaica has welcomed the Government’s recently introduced Special Youth Employment and Training (SYEAT) Project, which is aimed at helping to reduce unemployment among that cohort, as well as improve the country’s productivity.
The Project, which was launched on Wednesday, (October 22) by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, will see several companies joining forces with the HEART Trust/NTA and the Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning (JFLL), in providing on-the-job training to 10,000 youths over a four year period.
According to the representative for the participating employers, Mary Dick, Training Officer at the Gleaner Company, corporate Jamaica is pleased to be associated with the SYEAT project.
“On behalf of corporate Jamaica I wish to laud the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for having collaborated with the HEART Trust and the JFLL to establish this project. Corporate Jamaica is very grateful for this opportunity to partner with the Ministry and the associates, in the development of our future through the youths of the nation,” she stated.
Mrs. Dick pointed out that the employers and youths will benefit immensely from a project of this nature.
“This project as I see it will be mutually beneficial to all the employers who have decided to participate and also to the young people of this nation. The employers will benefit from the energy that the youths will exude and they will benefit from having new blood at all times in the organisation,” she stated.
The youngsters, she said, will benefit from being given an opportunity to learn work ethics and earn an income. “These youths as we see will be empowered, because these are persons who we would consider to be vulnerable to the vicissitudes of life. And we want them to achieve and keep their dreams alive,” Mrs. Dick stressed.
In the meantime, the beneficiaries have commended the Government for providing them with the opportunity.
“Thanks to the Government and the organisations that have come together to formulate this programme to assist us. There are persons in this group who did not think that they would get a decent job, who did not think it was possible for them to go back to school, for example, those of us who, unfortunately, are young mothers and young men who needed the extra push towards success in life. Words are not enough to express our gratitude,” Latonia Johnson, a beneficiary of the SYEAT Project noted.
Approximately 25 companies are now participating in the SYEAT project, which will provide on the job training for 2,500 youths per year over a four year period. Already, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has recruited and placed 800 participants in organisations.
The HEART Trust NTA has responsibility for the initial screening and assessment, as well as the monitoring and assessment of trainees on the job. In addition, HEART will provide skills training and certification in at least one area in commercial and technical skills.
The JFLL will have responsibility for training in the basic literacy and numeracy skills. Under the project, the ministry will enlist the assistance of employers in corporate entities as partners, to facilitate the engagement of at least two trainees in an apprenticeship arrangement.