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Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Linval Bailey, has said that fostering positive relationship between the security force and young people was fundamental for the creation of safe communities and for the sustainable development of the nation.
“This is even more critical when we look at the state that our country has reached. Our country has reached a point in its development where many persons are saying that we have lost a significant proportion of our current generation, who seem to have either adopted or is in the process of adopting a violent disposition, a kind of coarseness, callousness and an uncaring attitude toward one another,” he noted.
The Deputy Commissioner, who was addressing the closing ceremony for participants in the Kingston Central summer school programme yesterday(Aug. 18) at the East Queen Street Baptist Church, said the hope for a brighter future lay in the hands of the younger generation and it was up to them to ensure that they played a role in solving conflicts in their communities.
“Now that you are associated with the police in a positive way, we are asking that you go back to your communities and be young leaders, be positive influence with your peers, be the ones to guide your fellow youth away from the kind of situations that you see existing in your communities,” he urged them.
He challenged the participants to disregard the stigma that was attached to them because of the communities in which they lived. “Never allow any talk about your community, any downgrading of your community, any negative comment to hinder you in setting your goals and achieving them. Your background and your community must never be a hindrance,” he advised.
He also implored the young participants to assists in the creation of a positive society by joining social clubs such as the boys scout, the girls guide programme and even the police youth club movement.
DCP Bailey further charged parents to play an active role in their children’s life. “There are too many idle children on the roads, too many children are still is available. The way forward for your children in this globalized world is through education. Without education, you are stifled; parents, you must take an interest in your child’s education,” he stated.
More than 195 students between the ages of eight and 18 years old, who reside in communities in Central Kingston, participated in the two-week summer school programme. The aim of the programme was to keep the students off the streets and out of trouble, as well as to foster a better relationship among the children of the communities.
Over the two weeks, the participants benefited from motivational talks, information about personal hygiene, career opportunities and life-coping skills. A number of students were presented with gift certificates for good behaviour to assists them with back to school purchases.
The summer school programme was held under the theme, ‘Empowering Youths for Future Development’.

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