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The Porus High School in Manchester launched a values and attitudes campaign at the school on Wednesday (November 3)
Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean, said the campaign complements efforts being made, at the ministry level, to ensure that students are well behaved.
“Schools are one of the prime socialization institutions in Jamaica, thus it is fitting that this drive for proper values and attitudes is taking pace in as many of our schools,” she said.

Principal of the Manchester-based Porus High School, Michael Stewart (first right), leads teachers at the institution in singing at the launch of a Values and Attitudes programme at the school, on Wednesday (November 3).

“I call upon our teachers to make sure the Values and Attitudes programme works. I know I am preaching to the converted, as I am sure the teachers will drive the process of positive change that is needed in our schools. I am sure the teachers will be going the extra mile, as they often do, to make sure the programme works,” she added.
Principal of the school, Michael Stewart, told the gathering that the programme was instituted because, as a school, “we are committed to transforming the lives of all our students in a very holistic way.”
“No student, however brilliant, who is indiscipline, will be successful in life. Good behaviour is key to our social well being,” the Principal said.
He added that being cognizant of the need to reinforce discipline was the reason that the school was re-committing to the core principles which are fundamental to a successful school.

Students at the Porus High School, Manchester, perform on Wednesday (November 3) at the launch of a Values and Attitudes programme at the school.

“These core values, which we will be targeting during this school year, are Love, Peace, Honesty, Tolerance, and Respect. All students, First Form through to Fifth Form will be focusing on one of our target words, and will be doing performances to depict each core principle,” he said.
Supervisor for Guidance and Counseling Education at Ministry of Education, Donville Colquhoun, said the move by the school was very significant and strategic, and praised the school’s creative solutions.
“We are convinced that, in due time, we will all experience the rebirth of foundational values that are critical to national development,” he said.
Member of the Porus Ministers’ Fraternal, the Rev Caswel Burton, said that much depended on schools to restore proper values and attitudes.
“We want to commend the school on this initiative, and to hope that it will receive the cooperation of all who teach and all who learn here, and all stakeholders, parents, and the entire community that the school this seeks to serve.”

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