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Although Jamaica continues to experience bad weather associated with the tropical depression, operations at the nation’s air and sea ports remain in full swing.
Vice President of Commercial and Marketing Operations , Airports Authority of Jamaica, Mark Williams told JIS News that, except for a few cancellations and delays, operations have been fairly smooth.
“The Airport is fully operational. Notwithstanding we have had four cancellations of flights since this morning, other flights are coming in and departing,” Mr. Williams noted.
The four cancellations were two Air Jamaica Flights outbound to Fort Lauderdale, one inbound Jet Blue from New York and one Western Air out of the Bahamas.
Mr. Williams encouraged persons scheduled to travel to contact the airlines that they are booked to travel with for updates, or visit the Norman Manley International Airport website at www.nmiaaero.com to check for any information on arrivals, delays and cancellations.
“Click the section on flight information and it gives you all the arrivals and departing flights, delays cancellations, all that information is on the website,” Mr. Williams informed.
He emphasised that although the NMIA is assisting, where possible, in keeping travellers informed of changes as they occur, the airlines are responsible for keeping their passengers informed of flight changes.
“We have our customer service agents, who are in the terminal buildings, and they continue to assist the passengers and advise them, but the ultimate responsibility for communication, in terms of delays and cancellations, are for the respective airlines,” he said.
Operations at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay have also been progressing normally. An official at the Operations Centre told JIS News that the airport also experienced only a few cancellations and delays, as a result of the inclement weather.
The four flight cancellations were incoming and outgoing Jetblue flights from Orlando and New York, an inbound/outbound US Airways flight from Philadelphia to Jamaica and an Air Jamaica flight destined for Fort Lauderdale.
Meanwhile the island’s seaports also remain operational. Senior Vice President of International Marketing at the Port Authority of Jamaica, Rosalee Donaldson, told JIS News that operations are going according to plan. She said all shifts have reported for duty at the Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay Container Terminals.

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