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Mayor of Portmore, George Lee has indicated that a special effort will be made to develop Legacy items and historical monuments in the Municipality as part of the activities to mark Jamaica’s golden jubilee.

Speaking with JIS News Mayor Lee said a special Jamaica 50 commemoration committee had been established for Portmore, headed by President of Portmore Community College, Karen Kennedy.  

The committee he said has been formed with a specific mandate. “We’re looking at the creation of monuments, legacy items and all historical sites in Portmore. We’re going to be developing all the historical sites as well as a number of other activities,” he said.

The activities of the committee are to be launched at a special ceremony to be announced shortly.

The actions of the Portmore special committee will form part of a wider island-wide series of activities that will mark the celebration of the country’s golden jubilee.

Director of the Jamaica 50 Secretariat, Robert Bryan told JIS News that efforts to co-opt support from the private sector for activities highlighting the celebration of the country’s golden jubilee were far advanced and the public would see a roll out of this effort in a short time. 

The Social Development Commission (SDC) has also been asked to collaborate with the Secretariat and will be utilising its vast and intricate island-wide network to spearhead and coordinate a volunteer programme. Coming out of that effort, the Secretariat has been receiving numerous e-mails from persons and organisations offering their services.

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is also playing a major role and has mobilised its parish committees and volunteers to ensure that rural Jamaica’s celebrations are dynamic and exciting.

As part of the roll out of activities each parish will boast Independence Day civic ceremonies and galas, evenings of excellence, ecumenical thanksgiving services, street parades, and dances.


By O. Rodger Hutchinson, JIS PRO