JIS News

The new Portmore collectorate, which opens its doors on July 28 in the Portmore Pines, will provide much relief for the many persons coming to pay their taxes at the very last moment.
“This is to assist us with the rush expected at the end of this month (July), due to the tax amnesty,” said Acting Commissioner of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), Viralee Lattibeaudiere, as she addressed a JIS ‘Think Tank,’ yesterday (July 22).
“On June 30, we had tax payers in two of our facilities until after 12 o’clock. It was past midnight and they were still there paying taxes,” she recalled.
Mrs. Lattibeaudiere said it was such an ordeal, pointing out that the experience was not pleasant, “because the staff came in at 8 o’clock and even though we had some backups, they had to work until 5:30 the following morning, because having dealt with the tax payer, the cashiers had to stay and balance (the books).”
“We had several back office operations,” she said, citing collections in their drop boxes. She explained that the IRD has drop boxes in the major collectorates and when those were cleared for them to be recorded in the system, this could not be completed at 5:30.
Mrs. Lattibeaudiere added that the operation on July 1 went on until after 9:00 p.m. “We even had to go to other departments, such as the Tax Payer Audit and Assessment to borrow some persons who were former cashiers and bring them back on line to help the cashiers,” she said.
“We had to use compliant officers as back office cashiers and also as relief cashiers, because the day was just too long,” she added.
The Acting Commissioner noted that on the Friday leading to June 30, the tax office was empty and she could not believe it. “I was saying to myself that it seems people don’t have any money, but on that day (June 30) they all came in and at the very last moment.”