JIS News

PORT ANTONIO — Scores of persons participated in the Portland leg of the Ministry of Agriculture/European Union (EU) sponsored “Eat Jamaican” campaign road show, in Port Antonio, on Friday April 15.

The show featured value added products, cultural performances by a number of persons and guest appearances by comedians Ity and Fancy Cat. Among the entities involved were the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), the Rural Agriculture Development Authority (RADA), Grace Kennedy and WSYNCO.

Staged to encourage Jamaicans to eat more locally grown and produced foods, the Port Antonio event was preceded by similar shows in Mandeville and Ocho Rios. Among the value added products on display were carrot jams, orange marmalade, sorrel jams, jerk sauces, coconut biscuits, cassava gizzadas, cassava pancakes, otaheti syrup and guava syrup.

Addressing the function, Chief Technical Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr. Mark Panton, underscored the importance of the campaign to the economy, and urged the audience to give the initiative their full support.

He said it also seeks support for Jamaican farmers, as the benefits to be derived will redound to the benefit of the agricultural sector and the enhancement of the community development process.

Stating that it was generally accepted that local foods are better tasting and more nutritious than imports, Dr. Panton said eating Jamaican foods will also result in saving foreign exchange, while enabling Jamaicans to keep healthy.