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A special effort is being made by the Portland 4-H Clubs to ensure that young people from the parish give a good account of themselves at the annual Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show to be held from Saturday, July 30 to Monday, August 1 in Clarendon.
The preparation of the young people is being carried out at a workshop being conducted at the Port Antonio High School with emphasis on a number of critical subject areas, including public speaking, budding and grafting, goat caring and management, agricultural quiz and social waste management.
Many 4-H Clubbites from the different parishes will be participating in the Youth in Agriculture Competition, one of the major features of the three-day Denbigh show.
Clinton Brown, Portland’s 4-H Organizer told JIS News that a total of 29 clubbites were involved in the training programme, adding that he was highly optimistic that they would perform creditably in the competition.
He pointed out that Portland has been involved in the Youth in Agriculture competition at Denbigh for the past two years, adding that the training and preparation of the clubbites would not only help to enhance their performance in the competition, but would also enable them to become responsible and successful agriculturists in the future.
Co-ordinator of the training programme at the workshop, Evan Brown told JIS News that the preparation of the clubbites was progressing satisfactorily and expressed appreciation for the level of enthusiasm the clubbites have been displaying.
He said that Portland performed well in last year’s Youth in Agriculture competition, and that the objective this year was to improve on that performance.

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