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Minister of National Security, Derrick Smith has assured Jamaica Constabulary Force personnel in Portland of the government’s commitment to providing the necessary recourses to ensure success in the fight against crime.
Addressing police personnel during a two-day tour of police stations in the parish on February 20 and 21, Mr. Smith said this commitment includes the improvement of the stations; additional motor vehicles to improve the mobility of the officers within the communities in which they work; and the procurement of adequate protective gear to improve personal security.
The tour began at the Manchioneal Police Station and included stops at stations at Castle, San San, Port Antonio, Hope Bay, Orange Bay, and Buff Bay.
At each stop the Minister made a detailed inspection of the physical condition of the facility after which he had short meetings with the officers in which they were able to voice their concerns.
Among the issues raised were poor working conditions and the need for additional vehicles to improve mobility. Mr. Smith assured that he was fully cognisant of the working conditions with which they are confronted and noted that the government has a plan that will, over the next five years, address the necessary recourses and facility improvements that will enhance the effectiveness of the Force.
The National Security Minister also said improvements to the buildings in need of repairs will be done on a priority basis. He added that submissions will be made to Cabinet on Monday (Feb. 25) for the immediate procurement of more protective vests.
He informed that both the Buff Bay and Hope Bay Police Stations, which have had to be relocated after falling into a state of disrepair, will be rebuilt on their old sites with work on the former scheduled to commence early in the 2008/2009 financial year.
In congratulating the police for the work they have been doing to keep the crime rate low in Portland, Mr. Smith exhorted them to keep their professionalism and integrity in tact by not yielding to corruption, as anyone found to be guilty of such acts will be penalised.

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