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As the heavy rains associated with Hurricane Wilma continue, the Portland Parish Council has given the assurance that every effort was being made to provide the necessary assistance to the family in Snow Hill, whose house has been extensively damaged, leaving three persons homeless.
The damage occurred late Sunday (Oct. 16), when the house partially collapsed rendering it unsuitable for dwelling. There are also reports that the roofs of three houses in the Manchioneal/Sanshore area of the parish were badly damaged on Monday, October 17, as a result of a freak storm caused by tropical storm Wilma.
Speaking to the JIS News Fay Neufville, Director of Administration at the Portland Parish Council and Ruby Stampp, Public Assistance Administrator at the Portland Office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, confirmed the partial destruction of the Snow Hill residence and said investigations were currently being conducted into the reports relating to the damage of the roofs in Manchioneal.
Turning to the general effects that the heavy rains have been having in the parish, Mrs. Neufville said the Portland Disaster Committee was currently focusing on flood prone areas to ensure that adequate measures were in place to minimise the effects of flooding.
She pointed out that arrangements were in place for the emergency shelters to be opened if necessary, and exhorted persons living in flood prone and low lying areas to be prepared for evacuation if flooding occurs.
In the meantime, both the Portland Parish Council and the National Works Agency are currently in the process of assessing the situation in respect of the effects the rains have been having on roads and other infrastructure in the parish.

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