Portland Banana Farmers Urged to Support Rehabilitation Fund

Banana farmers in Portland have been encouraged to support the Banana Rehabilitation Fund, which was established to assist with the rehabilitation of the industry after hurricanes and other acts of nature.
The call has come from Vincent Thompson, Project Manager of the Banana Investment Programme (BIP), while addressing a meeting held at the Boundbrook Wharf in Port Antonio on April 11, to inform the farmers about the procedures for the distribution of the assistance to be provided for the sector under the Hurricane Dennis Rehabilitation Programme, funded by the European Union.
A total of $122 million has been made available under the programme to provide inputs to help farmers rehabilitate their farms.
Some 303 farmers in the parish will benefit from the distribution, which is scheduled to commence on Monday, April 16.
Mr. Thompson noted that the Fund was launched with a $30 million donation by the European Union, adding that it was important for farmers to continue to contribute to its development.
He pointed out that with all the generosity the European Union has extended to the banana industry over the years, that organization would not be able to continue the provision of such assistance over the long term, so it was important for farmers to co-operate and contribute to the Fund.
Expressing appreciation to the European Union for the support it has been giving to the banana industry over the years, he commended the farmers for the resilience they have displayed, despite the setbacks.
Mr. Thompson expressed confidence that the stakeholders in the industry would combine their efforts to do all that is necessary to ensure the successful future of banana production in Jamaica.

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