JIS News

With the winter tourist season fast approaching, the Port Authority of Jamaica has been working assiduously to increase cruise ship arrivals in Port Antonio, as it continues with efforts to reposition the town as a major resort and cruise ship destination.
Ted Tatham, Vice President for cruise shipping at the Authority, told JIS News that the organization was making representations to a number of cruise line companies to include Port Antonio on their list of destinations in the Caribbean.
He said a special effort was being made to target the smaller cruise liners for Port Antonio, as the channel leading to the Ken Wright Pier in that town was too small to accommodate the larger vessels.
Mr. Tatham said the Authority has been successful in its effort over the years to secure cruise ship visits to Port Antonio, and argued that the initiatives currently being undertaken should also achieve positive results.
He noted, however, that there was a definite need for the attractions of Portland to be developed, and for the people of Port Antonio to continue to ensure that the town is kept clean in order to improve its attractiveness and enhance its appeal to visitors.
The Vice President stressed that the Authority was fully committed to working with the people of Port Antonio to realise its potential as a prime destination and tourist resort, and pointed out that the organization has already spent a great deal of money on developmental projects in the town.
Mr. Tatham said he was optimistic that private sector interests would emulate that example by making appropriate investments, which would not only complement existing ones, but would also promote the town as an area of growth and development.