JIS News

The female medical ward at the Port Antonio Hospital has been given a facelift by the Portland Returnees Association, which comprises of residents, who have retuned to the parish after living abroad for several years.
The works, which included the re-painting and re-tiling of the ward, was the latest in a series of goodwill gestures by the association to the hospital.
Griselda Gordon, president of the association, told JIS News that there are plans to do similar work on the male ward. She said the association is pleased to be able to assist the hospital to enable the facility to provide the best quality care to its patients.
Brent Nation, Manager of the Port Antonio Hospital, thanked the Portland Returnees Association for the assistance. He disclosed that the hospital’s management is in the process of having discussions with a number of private organizations with a view to having them adopt the wards of the institution and helping with their maintenance from time to time.
He informed that the Portland Returnees Association has already indicated its intention to adopt the female medical ward and any assistance from the community will be greatly appreciated as the hospital continues to provide quality health care for the residents of the parish.

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