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The National Poppy Appeal to raise funds for Jamaican soldiers who fought in World Wars I and II, will be officially launched this year on October 2 at Curphey Place, Swallowfield in Kingston.
Patrons are invited to support the event dubbed, ‘Concert In A Garden’ and campaign organizers have set a target of $3.5 million this year.
Speaking with JIS News, Chairman of the Jamaica Legion Poppy Appeal, Lt. Col. Rocky Meade said that this year’s target represented an increase over last year, when the target was $3.2 million.
The poppy appeal, he explained, “is designed to raise funds for the Jamaica Legion and more specifically for assistance to our war veterans”.
“We consider it our obligation to assist them in their time of need,” Mr. Meade emphasized.
One venture is raising funds for Curphey Home, which is located in Mandeville and is the only establishment of its kind in Jamaica – a residential facility for ex-servicemen and women. Funds are also needed for the approximately 200 veterans still living across the length and breadth of the island, who have long passed their independent self-sufficient days, he noted.
The highlights of this year’s campaign are the concert, the observance of Remembrance Day on November 13, as well as the distribution of cans to collect funds in exchange for paper poppies, Mr. Meade noted. The ‘Concert In A Garden’ will feature the Jamaica Military Band, Commander John McFarlane – a perennial favourite, Indian dancers, and other performers. Tickets are available for $350.
Of the Remembrance Day Service, Poppy Appeal Organizer, Bari Johnson noted that it would be held in the National Heroes Park, as usual. “It’s one of the best things anybody could ever see,” he enthused.
Mr. Johnson said the service would include the Jamaica Military Band on parade, wreath laying, and the observation of one minute’s silence to respectfully remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Members of the public are invited to attend.

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