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The St. Elizabeth Poor Relief Department is reporting that it continues to meet most of the needs of the parish’s over 880 registered poor, and over 200 children whose education is being financed.
The parish’s Inspector of the Poor, Joan Bedford told JIS News that the Department, with its six field officers, visits communities to ensure that the indigent who are registered receive regular medical supplies and health checks.
“We work closely with those who have been registered, and conduct investigations to ensure that no one designated an indigent is left unattended. The services we provide are financed through Government allocations, (and supported) by gifts provided by individuals and organizations,” Mrs. Beckford informed.
Deputy Inspector of the Poor, Marlene Lynch said that individuals residing overseas along with members of the local business community have been supporting the less fortunate in the parish for many years.
“They supply clothing, food stuff, and appliances. With the help given by (these) individuals and groups, along with Government allocations, we are able to assist more people and do more work at the Department in reaching those whom we need to reach,” Ms. Lynch stated.

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