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The Special Education Unit (SEU) in the Ministry of Education is developing a policy that will guide the activities of stakeholders involved in special education. Education Officer in the Unit, Hixwell Douglas, told JIS News that a draft document was prepared, following a series of consultations involving special education stakeholders as well as other interests. “An initial submission to the executive body of the Ministry of Education was done. However, we did a review of the document to facilitate the new (Education) Minister. Another presentation is to be made to the executive body shortly, and thereafter a Cabinet submission,” Mr. Douglas informed.
He told JIS News that the policy, when developed, will address issues of access, equity, and relevance in the provision and delivery of special education services “in the broadest context.”
It is also intended to help persons understand their different roles and responsibilities. “When it comes on stream, teachers and parents will have a point of reference as they advocate for the rights and dignity of their children (with disabilities,” Mr. Douglas pointed out.

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