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When citizens are fully observant of happenings in their communities they can help to prevent criminals from plaguing their neighbourhoods, says Mandeville policeman, Sergeant Rovan Salmon.
“When you take time to know the people living next to you, when you are aware of movements in the community where you reside, and just being a good neighbour by ensuring that anything that is not lawful is reported to the police, that can put a dent into criminal activities taking place next to you,” Sergeant Salmon said.
He was speaking at the launch of the Richmond-Clandon Citizens’ Association, at the Spring Ground Missionary Church, Manchester, on March 22.
He encouraged the members of the group to work towards its survival, as many times important community groups fail to last, because the spirit of continuity was lacking.
“Build this one, because the survival of it is the protection of all law abiding persons in the community,” Sergeant Salmon urged the citizens.
President of the Association, Glenroy Griffiths, said that it was formed to address the disposal of garbage in the area, but since then has moved on to deal with wider community matters.
“We addressed one problem, but we did not stop there. We believe in standing together for the building of our community. This organisation is the voice of the community, and it is here to work for sustainable development for everyone present and those to come,” Mr. Griffiths said.
The group meets every fourth Monday at 6:00 p.m. at different venues.

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