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There is a new wage agreement in place between the Government and the Police Federation, which represents members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) from the rank of Constable to Inspector. This two-year contract was signed on Friday, October 6 at the offices of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in Kingston.
The new wage agreement will result in the members receiving a 19 per cent wage increase in year one and a 6.5 per cent increase in year two. The salary increase is scheduled for implementation in November, while retroactive salary increase would be paid in December.
“I am very relieved that we have reached this point with signatures on the agreement. It was an extended negotiation period but I had every confidence that regardless of how difficult a problem is, when parties from both sides are willing to come to a commonsense compromise, a resolution is always in sight,” said Dr. Omar Davies, Minister of Finance and Planning.
In addition to the wage increases, the police members will benefit from an increase in their housing provision, increase in the special duty allowance, detective allowance, instructor allowance, driving allowance, as well as financing for persons pursuing tertiary studies.
Chairman of the Police Federation, Corporal Raymond Wilson, said he was satisfied that an agreement was brokered between the police and the government, adding that he would be continuing negotiations with the government on several other issues.
“There are quite a number of items, especially those dealing with conditions of the service, conditions of work, the physical aspect of our work environment that we definitely will be continuing with the government in talks,” said Corporal Wilson.

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