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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is reporting that the increased presence of policemen on the nation’s streets over the last six weeks has resulted in a decline in the number of traffic violations as well as incidences of petty theft.
In an interview with JIS News, head of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Division, Superintendent Radcliffe Lewis, said the recent crime fighting strategies involved policemen being strategically placed at major intersections in the corporate area, during peak hours.
“You find that most times in the festive season people are in a hurry and the light is not capable enough to push through the traffic, so you find congestion at the traffic lights. (The police) were given special instructions to pay attention to these intersections,” Superintendent Radcliffe said.
He further noted that as a result of the strategies there have been fewer accidents and fewer prosecutions.
“Basically, all that we strove to achieve were implemented and we continue with those operations,” he said.
He informed that in 2010, the traffic police would be clamping down on indisciplined bikers. “The bikers are giving us some problems and the problems are serious. When they give you the indication that they are going to stop, they just “rev up” and move on at high speed,” Superintendent Lewis said.
Meanwhile, he is advising motorists to remain vigilant in safeguarding themselves and their property, even after the festive season.
“Make sure when you’re going home, especially at night that you glance in your mirror to make sure that no vehicle is following you. When you go home, just don’t drive straight into your yard, pass your gate and then you return and then you check to make sure that nobody is lurking around. Also, make sure that when you are at the stoplight your car windows are up and the doors are closed so that you don’t find a man just slip in on you,” Superintendent Lewis said.

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