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The police is assuring Jamaicans that it continues to maintain a strong presence to enforce law and order during the festive period.

Speaking with JIS News on Friday (December 28), Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of operations, Glenmore Hinds, said there has been an increase in the number of law officers on the streets, in shopping areas and other public places.

He said the police was able to increase their presence as a result of the temporary closure of some offices, deployment of trainee officers, and the availability of personnel normally assigned to courthouses.

“For the (festive) period because of the increased number of shoppers and commuters, we closed some functions to facilitate our increased deployment. We can assure the nation that our presence on the main arterial roads, in the shopping areas, and in the bus parks will be maintained; that will continue,” DCP Hinds stated.

“We are also policing the residential neighbourhoods as well, so we are trying to maximize the numbers to dispense policing service to all our population,” DCP Hinds said.

He is also urging the public to work with the police in maintaining law and order.

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